Institute of Science and Technology

B.Sc. Program in Padma Kanya Multiple Campus

PK Campus launched PCL program for girl students in Science for the first time in 2026 B.S. as one of its main academic streams. Ever since it has been delivering quality education in order to produce more efficient and skilled human resources that are able to meet the global challenges as well as a new breed of responsible and citizens with moral values. Over the years, there has been an increasing demand for the qualified women graduates in different disciplines of science and technology in Nepal. A limited number of science campuses in the country could not produce adequate number of women graduates to meet the increasing demand of the society and nation. Besides, the decision of choice of appropriate campus for graduate study in science after a higher secondary (10+2) school will have a profound influence on student’s future career. Keeping this in view, PK campus introduced a three year B.Sc. program, first in Environment Science in 2001 through the support of Canadian Co-operation Office (CCO) and then Microbiology in 2009 with a mission to produce complement and qualified women science graduates. From the 2069/70 academic calendar, Institute of Science and Technology (IoST), Tribhuvan University has launched a Four Year Bachelor of Science Program. Accordingly, PK Campus has offered the four year B.Sc. program with specialization in Environment Science, Microbiology and General Science subjects. The B.Sc. program at PK Campus aims to provide an in-depth overview of the latest development in Science and Technology, both in theory and practice.

B.Sc. program at PK Campus has been dedicated and concerned to introduce modern teaching and learning methods that help students achieve their academic potential. Besides, it has also made great efforts in conducting various classroom as well as field academic/social activities for students, offering them opportunities to be actively involved. These activities help them be up to date with the recent development issues in various areas of their academic interest through exchange of knowledge and experience with subject experts and resource persons. Through such efforts, the campus has been successful to maintain an excellent academic environment as well as good academic track records in science in Kathmandu.